What is Direct Mail Marketing? Why Your Small Business Should Use It?

Most small business owners would have heard of the direct mail marketing method, but they may not know what exactly this means. There is a good reason to choose the direct mail marketing in order to promote your small business. This method is affordable, effective, and versatile. It lets you give direct and one-to-one attention to the prospects and also lets you provide more control over the growth than the other types of marketing methods. Direct mail marketing is a type of direct response copywriting. This might sound confusing, but there is a subtle difference between the two that many fail to understand.

Direct mail marketing can be stated as a one-to-one communication that is sent by direct mail to the potential and existing customers with the aim of a specific action by the person on the other end. Basically, direct response copywriting is also the same thing, but it not restricted to mail delivery.

Direct response is a versatile form of marketing a small business. In fact, it is only restricted by your thoughts. Some common types of directly response include direct post cards, direct mail letters, direct response brochures, flyers, direct fax, bulletin board letters, direct email, business introduction letters, and lumpy mail. Of these methods, direct mail marketing comprises of everything other than bulletin board letters, direct email and direct fax. The term lumpy mail is a direct mail that carries a message in an envelope, instead of a letter.

The direct mail marketing is affordable as it costs less than $1 per individual. Also, it is effective, and so it is one of the most efficient ways to endorse your small business. Furthermore, you can talk to your recipient directly with this type of promotion. It also gives control over the growth rate of your business. It is dangerous for a small business to grow too fast or very slow. It has to grow at a consistent pace. With the direct mail marketing, you can control the growth of your business by controlling the number of letters that you send to the potential customers. To use direct mail marketing to promote your small business, you can approach Selectabase experts who can help you.