Toss Your Grocery Cart, Replace Those ’’Extras’’ with Organic

The scientific progress and advances in the food technology appreciably made our lives easy and enjoyable. Today, most of the cookery available in a supermarket requires minimal preparation prior to eating. However, there is a hidden truth behind this convenience. The revolutionary changes in the food industry hamper our efforts to stay fit as numerous additives have entered into the food supply. Our dining rooms are produced lifestyle diseases due to the chemical laden compounds causing cancer, diabetes and cholesterol to name a few. Selection of cheap and raw ingredient by a manufacturer, say, for example, corn when modified, loses most of its nutritional content, leaving them to stay consumable for longer periods.

The surplus toxins added to the foods falls under major three areas, food additives, artificial sweeteners and artificial colors. Anthony Alayon, the fitness author and certified trainer, in his new program of ‘101 Toxic food Ingredients’ highlights the detrimental effects of nutritional additives and how to overcome that. Everyone is curious about taking off calories, fat and craves from their diet, but pays the least attention to the flavor enhancing chemicals that are lodged into our foods. This is because food additives neither increase the weight nor it has any visible signs of degrading the health. The truth is that, upon continuous use, these cumulate inside, rotting your fitness in the long run.

The processed foods have taken away the lives of urban to a greater extent. The natural foods stripped of nutrients are replaced with chemicals that alter the taste, texture and color. The disastrous combination of additives deteriorates the healthy living of people. Trans fats are the major epitome of these food processing disasters. The shift from butter, cheese and edible oil to machine-created fats led to serious health hazards. They are the prime carriers of heart diseases as it does not dissolve as saturated fats. They deplete the cellular function by deposition around blood vessels and decrease good cholesterol leading to cardiac ailments and nutritional deficiencies.

Artificial sweeteners are another source of additives found widely and accepted by two third of the youngsters. It is always a debated issue about whether the Saccharin sugar, a modified form of plain sugar cause cancer or not. Aspartame (Equal, Nutra-sweet), saccharin (Sweet and Low, Sugar Twin), and sucralose (Splenda) may be heavier for our metabolic systems than plain old sugar. These friendly agents are actually harmful than any other substance.

Studies also favor that artificial sweeteners allow brain to forget that sweetness, making people more likely to continue intake of sweets without abandon. Another potential threat leading to injurious health disorder is the modified foods such as white bread, cereals with low fiber content, polished rice or pasta to soften and extend its shelf life. Refining leads to removal of bran and germ and therefore the vitamin, fiber and mineral content are lost which increases the risk of a heart attack by up to 30 percent. In a nutshell, the health risks posed by processed foods can be tackled is due to the food culture developed during childhood.