Mobile SEO

An increasing number of people are using mobile devices as opposed to the desktop. It is in this light that Google, the search engine giant, announced that starting from April 1st 2015, it would start using mobile friendly signals as a ranking factor. Mobile optimization puts into consideration website structure, page speed, and website design in order to offer internet users using mobile devices and tablets an optimal viewing experience.

Features of Mobile SEO
There are several features of Mobile Search Engine Optimization (mobile SEO). First, mobile SEO relies on responsive web design. This is a situation where content moves to a mobile format when it is viewed from a mobile device. Consequently, online users do not have to do a number of tasks such as scrolling, resizing, and panning.
Second, dynamic serving helps the user to identify whether the content is being accessed from a desktop or a mobile device. One can therefore make informed choices on what option to take. Third, it makes it easier for navigation with the finger. Though expensive, separate coding is functional and provides a good user experience. Different content is provided on the desktop and the mobile device.
Lastly, mobile SEO requires the development and utility of separate mobile sites. This is important if the website owner wants to offer unique mobile features.
In this regard, businesses and organizations have to adopt mobile SEO in order to keep up with the ever evolving SEO practices. For example, it was not uncommon to find access of content through the mobile device showing blocked images. The use of mobile SEO does not allow that. Such occurrence can expose a business owner to a harsh Google penalty.

Business owners and other organizations have the responsibility of familiarizing themselves with the new changes in order to remain relevant and competitive. This is because the future of SEO will be based on mobile SEO as more people shy away from using desktops in favor of mobile gadgets. Moreover, websites have to be well understood by Google for the search engine to offer a favorable ranking.