How to contact Sky


Sky offers a number of home services such as Sky Broadband and telephone solutions, along with TV and more. The general public would generally choose a bundle or package, but they offer individual solutions for those looking to only go with say their internet, or those wanted various TV channels. They are the most ubiquitous in terms of number of houses using their services. However; sometimes we need to just simply contact Sky, for whatever reason. Maybe you have a problem with internet, TV or your phone. In that case you may want to get quick access to their phone numbers. Contacting Sky through their phone system is probably the easiest way to go about fixing your issue.

Contacting Sky can be confusing if not a tad frustrating, at least as a new user trying to find out how to quickly contact them.

When you land on the page you will see that they split their main contact methods into categories depending on what type of issue you have and with what service which are listed as follows:
Sky TV Account & billing Sky Broadband Sky Talk Make a complaint Moving home Sky Go & Sky Go Extra Sky iD
The contact Sky page lists only a preliminary number of categories that may frustrate users in order to get the sky contact numbers. Sky experts can help solve your issue by using the forms, but you may wish to quickly cut to the chase and get sky’s contact number.

So let’s speed things up a notch here are the current contact numbers:
sky customer services: 03442 411 653
Accounts & Billing: 03442 411 653
Call their automated self-service phone line on: 0333 202 2133
Introductory offers: 0333 202 0921
A deceased family member with an account: 0333 202 0912
Sky Broadband: 03442 411 653
Sky Talk: 03442 411 653
Make a complaint: 03442 411 653
Moving Sky or Broadband: 03332 00 80 00
Problems with Sky Go and Sky Go extra: 03442 411 599
Sky ID queries: 03442 411 653
So there we have it, the most popular phone numbers to contact Sky.