Orlando Mercedes-Benz not only turn heads, but save lives

Mercedes-Benz of Orlando drivers can take a deep sigh of relief every time they get behind the wheel of their Mercedes-Benz. This is because Mercedes-Benz vehicles are one of the safest brands of vehicles consumer can buy today. In fact, numerous Mercedes-Benz drivers across the country have experienced a crash in their vehicles and survived, and have been told by officials that they survived solely because they were driving a Mercedes-Benz. Other cars just don’t stand up to collisions like those with the recognizable Mercedes-Benz symbol on the front.
Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) wanted to give these customers the chance to share their story. Despite the number of safety awards a brand wins and the claims they make about the safety of their product, hearing a customer tell their own story is a much more valuable marketing campaign than some fancy driving moves made by a professional driver on a closed course.


Thus, MBUSA, including an Orlando Mercedes dealer to an LA Mercedes dealer, partnered with the marketing agency Merkley + Partners and the digital marketing agency Razorfish to produce videos in which the victims of the crash could describe their experiences. Henry Corra, a documentary filmmaker, filmed the videos.

Mercedes is calling the campaign “Impact.” Currently seven stories have been filmed and one underlying theme connects all of them. This theme is the fact that all people speaking about their individual crash feel they would not be alive today if it wasn’t for their Mercedes vehicle.
In fact, one story told of the impact the Mercedes vehicle had on the firefighter responding to the crash. “The fireman told me ‘if you can live through that then I want my wife driving that car.'” Another crash victim featured in the film states, “I decided I would never drive another car unless it was a Mercedes. The police told me I would have been dead in any other car.”
Orlando Mercedes-Benz drivers can share their own stories on MBUSA’s Facebook page. The most compelling stories will be featured weekly on the Facebook page. The effort to have a place for customers to share their stories was deemed important because of the fact that, “we literally have hundreds and hundreds of these experiences sent to us by our customers and we all agreed that we had to find a way to bring these experiences to life and share the stories of survival and perspective,” said Steve Cannon who is the vice president of marketing for MBUSA.

Orlando Mercedes dealer attributes some of the brand’s safety to the new technology like Awake Assist and Lane Departure Warnings, but these features are not unique to Mercedes-Benz. Instead, the way the body of a Mercedes-Benz is able to absorb the impact of the crash within itself and not pass it on to the passengers inside is what sets the brand apart from others on the market.

In addition, Steve Cannon said, “we wanted the stories to be powerful but also authentic and, most of all, we wanted them to share the perspective that these people walked away with.” Even watching just one, it is clear that these people truly feel they owe their lives to their Mercedes vehicle. If that can’t create brand loyalty, nothing can.