Email marketing is not a dead dodo; it is alive and kicking. If you believe that email is the most preferred mode of communication for businesses, then Email marketing is a highly favored marketing method to reach a wider audience albeit a direct targeting way. The recent success of Email Marketing Course like Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is a testimony to the fact that Email marketing is alive and is a very cost-effective marketing plan for your business reports
Listed below are a few reasons for adopting Email Marketing.

Targeted marketing: Are you struggling to improve sales using non-targeted marketing? Email marketing can be an answer to your problem. Modern advertising is all about reaching the target audience, unlike in the past where newspaper or TV ads with no control of who viewed it. Email marketing is one such direct marketing which involves communicating with customers who have subscribed to your product or service. You already have a target audience, all you need to do is send relevant emails which are specific to the consumer’s needs. Emails can be assigned based on the demographics, status of the leads or based on any other information you have on the customer. All this leads to a better conversion rate.

Enhanced brand image: When user sign-ups, the subscribers shows interest in your business. You will then have the license to send emails regarding your product or service. Each relevant email that you send will improve your brand value; this can further be enhanced by creating a well-designed and precise content that will remain in the audience’s memory. When the consumer needs these products. Your business has a better chance of conversion and also can lead to more customers.

Easy to share emails: An email is a prevalent form of communication, and many people find it easy to use. If a subscriber finds any of your products or service interesting, forwarding to friends is a simple click of the button. By doing so, your deals and offers are shared among the friends of your subscriber, and you get free publicity from a credible source, your customer.

Cost efficient: The main advantage of email marketing is that the return on investment is excellent. You are not spending a single penny on printing or posting of flyers or paying for advertisers of digital and print media. Email is a great tool to reach to customers about the offers, discounts and great deals and all this timely. For a successful email marketing campaign, you need a software to create a planned and well-designed campaign using software that can also track the open, clicks and conversion rates, that is the only overhead in this form of marketing.

To conclude, many businesses tend to not adopt email marketing due to the dynamically changing digital technology. But your company can benefit from the email marketing due to its measurability, share ability and its ability to reach the targeted customers. To achieve success in an email marketing campaign, strategic planning, an email marketing tool and appropriate direction is a must.

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